Baidu links up with Henan for TV, online project

Updated: 2013-07-09 16:19

By HE WEI in Shanghai (

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Search engine Baidu Inc's two video units, which together boast China's largest online video providers for registered users, has linked up with Henan Satellite TV to launch the nation's first entertainment show for TV viewers and online users.

The program, Chinese Character Hero, is the first move after Baidu Inc acquired PPStream Inc in May and incorporated it into its existing video platform Inc.

Experts say this has consolidated its position in the highly competitive industry.

The video platform expects to garner sizable earnings via the show, which encourages participants and online users to compete by identifying sophisticated Chinese characters, the company said.

A variety of namesake mobile applications, including those for cellphones and tablet computers, will be available to lure users, said Ma Dong, chief content officer of iQiyi.