Baidu makes debut at Spikes Asia

Updated: 2013-09-19 21:52


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Baidu made its debut at Spikes Asia 2013, one of the biggest annual events for the Asian advertising and marketing industry, to emphasize the unique value of Baidu Moments.

Showcasing the creativeness of the advertising and marketing industry in the Asian region, Spikes Asia, which opened in Singapore on Sept 14, attracts a large number of leading companies from the marketing & communications and IT industries.

Techtalk session featuring Baidu was held by Omnicom, Media Link and Baidu at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Linda Hou, vice dean of Baidu Marketing Institute, gave a speech with the theme “Moments Power” to an assembly of industry elites sharing the unique values of Baidu Moments.

This is Baidu’s debut at Spikes Asia as well as its first show on the international marketing stage in 2013 after Cannes Lions.

You might not know, in China, the attention rate on upscale real estate projects from consumers living in coastal cities is six times higher than that from inland consumers. For luxury auto brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz, on average one car is sold with every 20 search cookies through Baidu platform,” Hou said.

As the largest Chinese-language search platform globally, Baidu handles multibillion searches from PCs and mobiles every day from more than 95 percent of Internet users in China. Through analysis of this data, it is possible to track the ups and downs of China’s economic development. Furthermore, the convergence of all Baidu Moments coming from the keyboard click and slide on mobile terminals paints a clear image of consumers – providing brands with clear and effective channels to communicate with their potential customers. The dual attributes of “big data platform + brand communication platform” empowers Baidu Moments as an integral tool, Hou said.

When talking about the capability of data mining using Baidu Moments, Hou said, using multi-dimensional analysis of interests, values and brand preferences, in conjunction with Baidu life moments, they can clearly profile consumer preferences and buying behavior. Further, by analyzing the chain in its entirety together with Baidu consumption moments, they can retrace the decision-making process of consumers.

Taking “Automotive” as an example, she emphasized that the searches for non-relevant fields such as cuisine, celebrities and cell phones, actually depict a more detailed and clearer consumer portrait for auto companies so that they can find new angles and methods for better communication with their consumers. For instance, Chevrolet customers like steak, but they like local cell phone brands, such as HUAWEI; Target customers of Mercedes Benz, adore stars from Europe and America and enjoy eating Beijing duck; Toyota fans are very energetic and hardworking, preferring fast food like McDonald’s and KFC.

Further information that relates to people’s decision-making processes, for searches like “what can I do after a relationship breakup” or “travel is better than reading books” are indicative of an increased demand for travel.

Baidu Moments is also the window for communication between brands and their consumers. With the launch of creative technologies like “Mind Reader + Light APP + Voice Search,” Baidu is trying to “make search engines as intelligent as the human brain.” The new Mind Reader Search allows Baidu to revolutionize information gathering, converging and optimizing high quality search results. Catering to the trend of mobile Internet, Baidu creatively launched Light APP which can be used as part of the Baidu search without download or installation.

Meanwhile, to meet the search demands from mobile, Baidu also launched a brand new internet search experience for its users, using Voice Search to replace the need for using either a keyboard or handwriting to make search requests. In fact, Baidu is one of the first companies to successfully apply Deep Learning technology into voice and image recognition products.

Another Baidu product, Photo Wonder, has recently been one of the top ranking applications in the Apple App store. This App utilizes the facial recognition module of Deep Learning. Baidu Moments, which will incorporate more Deep Learning technology, will be a very effective and convenient medium for brands to communicate with their consumers.

Hou concluded by saying that with the support of leading technologies, products and resources, Baidu has built up a digital and intelligentized platform for nearly 600 million Internet users. Therefore, based on consumer insight and brand communication, Baidu Moments assists brands that want to build an effective, long term, one-on-one relationship with their current and potential consumers, creating value through the use of each Baidu Moments.