Chinese tourists bring cheer to retailers in US

Updated: 2014-07-05 06:40

By Li Ang in New York For China Daily (China Daily)

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"During the national holidays in the US, there will be an increase in the number of Chinese tourists taking our shuttle to Woodbury," a staff member of the Coach USA Short Line said, on condition of anonymity.

The Chinese shoppers' spree not only takes place in suburban outlets, but also in the city, especially downtown New York.

At Saks Fifth Avenue, Rita Bai and Rayna Liu, two young women from Beijing, were carrying five full shopping bags as they came out of the Chanel store. "I bought some cosmetics from Clinique, and a bag from Chanel," said Rita.

"We've been experiencing a huge increase in Chinese customers during the Independence Day sales," said Tara Greco, a Gucci sales associate at Saks.

Heley Bai, a Chinese student who will study at a college in Massachusetts, took her mother to Macy's department store on Herald Square on the second day of her visit to the US on Thursday. "We actually plan to go shopping at Woodbury during the Independence Day because there's a big sale there," Heley said. "As for Macy's, we're just checking it out."

"We are going to the biggest outlets in the US," said Zhi Yuemei, who is here with her husband for two weeks and has a budget of $10,000 for shopping. "We're going to buy Nike, Clinique, North Face and Bottega Veneta bags..

Lilibeth Nunez, a service associate at Louis Vuitton, said: "LV doesn't get many Chinese shoppers, because they come here for sales and we don't do that."

Chinese tourists bring cheer to retailers in US

Chinese tourists bring cheer to retailers in US

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