China unifies pension system

Updated: 2015-01-14 17:53

By Dai Tian(

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Zheng Gongcheng, Renmin University of China:

The pension was previously paid from fiscal funds, which is unfair. The reform pursues justice in pension systems for different groups of people. Despite of a reduction in pensions, occupational annuities for the affected staff will help prevent sharp losses.

Chen Bulei, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law:

Occupational annuity will ease the worries of the 40 million staff affected.

Opinions on social networks

The reform is the most-discussed topic on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, and the hashtag "pension reform" was used 18.5 million times as of 15:50 pm Wednesday.


I have been waiting forever for this new policy, I'm hoping for a raise in the salary after the reform because currently it's too low.

Dapengkantianxia gave thumbs up:

If you want to enjoy social security, you have to pay for your own, no matter if you are a government official or a private enterprise employee. This is more fair.


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