China's 'most polluted' now a shining example

Updated: 2015-01-29 16:08


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Targets set at the start of 2014 for eliminating overcapacity were broadly met and in some cases exceeded. Iron and steel capacity was cut by over 30 million tons, 4 million tons more than target. Cement capacity fell by 81 million tons, almost twice the target amount.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) earlier this month lowered its forecast of Chins's growth to 6.8 percent for 2015, below the psychologically important 7 percent level. The forecast "reflects a welcome decision to reorient the economy towards consumption and away from the real estate sector and shadow banking," said IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard.

Zhuzhou is home to some high-tech and equipment businesses like CSR Corporation Limited who makes bullet trains and light sport aircraft producer Sunward Tech. In the nine months ending September 2014, annualized rates of growth in high-tech and equipment manufacturing industries nationwide were both well over 10 percent, much higher than the industrial average.

Liu's factory was acquired by Kibing Glass Group in 2005 to produce glass with higher value-added and the factory now belches out a lot less pollution. The city's economy has a new swagger, and Liu, now head of the technology department, takes home 6,000 yuan each month; in real terms almost 30 times what she earned ten years ago.

The people of Zhuzhou saw their average income rise by 9.6 percent in 2014, but for residents like Liu, the most important thing is that Zhuzhou has become a more pleasant place to live for her family.

"I hope my living standards can rise, but I will be sad if the blue sky disappears again," she said.

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