Disabled kids offered better health services

Updated: 2013-01-18 18:39


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Children with disabilities in Shanghai will have their own personal health files starting this year, the Liberation Daily reported on Jan 17.

The files will aim to ensure the children enjoy as comprehensive service as possible with checkups, rehabilitation and education, according to education authorities.

Each file will include details on a child's physical condition, their health development, nutrition and any diseases, as well as an assessment on their ability in relation to taking part in sports, and their communication skills, the report said.

Health reports will be started before children begin primary school and will form the basis for individually tailored education and rehabilitation program, according to the report.

A special education information sharing system was launched on Jan 16, which will track all disabled children's health conditions.

Shanghai now has 29 schools, a kindergarten, 28 pre-schools, and four higher education establishments aimed at offering special kinds of education.