Sperm donors recount experience

Updated: 2013-01-21 13:47


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'I am donating, not selling my sperm'

Liu Yan, 22, (not his real name) is a university junior who donated to the sperm bank in Shanxi province.

In March 2012, a publicity brochure about sperm donation caught my eve. I thought it would be very meaningful to help infertile couples.

I was surprised my girlfriend encouraged the idea and accompanied me to the sperm bank.

A lot of female staff worked at the sperm bank but they wouldn't enter the donation room. A female staff member handed me a container and came back to collect the donation.

After I passed a physical test, I donated once a week for the following two months and I was tested for HIV six months after donating.

I was paid thousands of yuan. "Though it is a considerable amount of money for a student like me, I wouldn't like people to say that I'm selling my sperm. It would distort my kind intention."

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