Guangdong county publicizes officials' incomes

Updated: 2013-02-04 22:36

By ZHENG CAIXIONG in Guangzhou (

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A public billboard in front of government headquarters in Taiping township, Guangdong province, attracted onlookers by listing the salaries of 13 major township officials on Sunday.

The monthly income of Taiping's Party chief and director of the township's People's Congress was listed as 2,720 yuan ($436), including salary and job subsidy, while the town head's monthly income is 2,702 yuan. Meanwhile, both can claim communication expenses valued at 360 yuan a month.

The major officials' monthly incomes in the bureau of finance and the department of taxation in Shixing county's Chengnan township were also made public over the weekend. All the major officials in the county will have to report their assets and monthly incomes after the Lunar New Year, which begins on Feb 10.

Shixing, a county in Guangdong's mountainous region, is the first to require officials to declare their assets and monthly incomes.

In addition to Shixing, Guangzhou's Nansha district and Hengqin new area in Zhuhai special economic zone, also require their officials to begin reporting their assets after Lunar New Year.

Guangdong has decided to introduce a pilot project to ask local Party and government officials in the three areas to disclose their assets after Lunar New Year.

The introduction of the pilot project aims to play a big part in preventing and fighting corruption in this prosperous province in the following months.

The pilot project will be introduced to cover the entire project when it is proven to be effective in the future.

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