Chinese fleet patrols South China Sea

Updated: 2013-03-09 00:48


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SANYA, Hainan - A marine surveillance fleet departed from Sanya in south China's Hainan Province Friday afternoon for regular patrols in the South China Sea.

The team, consisting of three China Marine Surveillance (CMS) ships -- Haijian 83, Haijian 262, and Haijian 263, as well as Haijian B-7103 helicopter, will patrol waters around the Xisha Islands for nine days.

It is the first time for the Chinese maritime helicopter and ships to be dispatched to patrol the Xisha Islands at the same time since Sansha City was officially set up in July last year, said Chen Huaibei, head of the patrol team.

He said the patrolling missions will include inspecting the islands and marine resources and ecology, and setting up a profile for each island.

"Haijian" is the Chinese equivalent of "marine surveillance."

The CMS ships are under the administration of the State Oceanic Administration. They have performed regular patrols and law-enforcement activities in waters under China's jurisdiction since 2006.