Shanghai professionals are the highest paid

Updated: 2013-03-14 16:12


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Professionals in Shanghai overtook their peers in all other Chinese cities in terms of salary, according to the 2013 spring job market report released by

The average salary of professionals in Shanghai reached 7,112 yuan ($1,133) a month, the highest among all the 24 surveyed cities.

Shenzhen ranked second with an average of 6,787 yuan per month. Beijing ranked third with a monthly average of 5,453 yuan.

In general, the industries that offer the highest salaries are energy, automobile and petrochemical.

The industry that offers the highest monthly salaries in Shanghai is the energy/mineral industry to with 9,711 yuan on average. The auto industry offers the second highest salaries in Shanghai with 9,644 yuan per month, and petrochemical is the third highest with 9,218 yuan.

The three industries that offer the highest salaries in Shenzhen are communications and finance with the average monthly salaries above 8,200 yuan.

In Beijing, communications tops the list with 7,633 yuan a month, while the property/construction/decoration industry is second with 7,095 yuan per month. Finance is third with an average of 6,950 yuan a month.