Officer gives passengers taxi fare after subway suspension

Updated: 2013-04-03 17:17


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An officer on duty at Liuliqiao station, a transfer subway station in Beijing, paid 23 passengers 30 yuan ($4.84) each for taxi fare after they missed the last train due to a late night suspension of service, China Youth Daily reported Wednesday.

The Line 10 train arrived at Liuliqiao station,a transfer station for subway Line 9 and Line 10, at 00:05 am after a long delay. The last train on Line 9 had already departed at 11:30 pm.

The officer reimbursed each of the 23 passengers 30 yuan to take a taxi for the rest of the way, after the passengers requested a train set off from Liuliqiao station immediately.

Liu, one of the compensated passengers, said the Line 10 train he was on from Shoujingmao to Xiju was suspended at 11:10 pm and went back into service at 11:50 pm.

The officer paid the money out of her own pocket. But she said leaders in charge will reimburse her.

Beijing subway officials confirmed that the Line 10 delay on Monday night was due to signal problems.