Sister act leads to China magazine

Updated: 2013-04-05 23:18

By Tuo Yannan and Fu Jing in Brussels, Belgium (China Daily)

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Sister act leads to China magazine

The sisters' Flemish-language magazine China Vantaag. Fu Jing / China Daily

"At first, many people didn't believe the stories they read and came to us to confirm them," An says. That spurred them on and they have maintained the magazine since, with support from the association.

Producing the publication throughout the years has been difficult, but with regular trips to China and growing interest in the country across Europe, they have persisted.

Over 30 years the sisters have produced more than 500 issues and taken thousands of photographs for them.

China Vantaag crystallized their youth, love, tears and laughter, and across three decades, although many domestic Chinese magazines with a similar focus have come and gone, they have continued to publish.

Today the magazine is published five times a year, with much of the information gathered during an annual month-long trip to China. In total 2,500 copies of each issue are printed in full color and the magazine has grown to more than 45 pages.

Articles talk about development hotspots in China, and there are regular comment pieces from association members.

The sisters' love of China continues to grow. Last year, Lin celebrated her 70th birthday in Beijing. "China has changed tremendously in the past 30 years, but the people there haven't changed; they are so lovely."

The sisters' work has gained them some important fans in China. They have been visited by a number of Chinese ambassadors and thanked for their work in encouraging friendship between China and Belgium.

And they encourage others to visit the country and learn for themselves about China.

"Some people see China as it was 30 years ago, but everyone who has taken advice and visited China has come back with very positive options about the country," An says.

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