China urges against military alliances

Updated: 2013-04-16 16:41


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BEIJING - Some countries' beefing-up of military alliances in the Asia Pacific is not conducive to peace and stability in the region, a Chinese defense ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

Yang Yujun made the remarks while responding to a question at a press conference held on the same day China released a white paper on national defense.

"Some country's efforts to emphasize military security agendas and strengthen military presence and alliances in the region go against the trends of the time as well as regional peace and stability," Yang said.

It is China's hope that concerned parties will act in a way that is more helpful for enhancing mutual trust between countries in the Asia-Pacific region and safeguarding regional peace and stability, he said.

China believes that maintaining Asia-Pacific peace, stability and prosperity is in the interests of people of all countries in the region as well as the whole world, the spokesman added.

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