Mother loses two children in two earthquakes

Updated: 2013-04-21 16:52

By Xu Xiaomin (

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Lu Jingkang lost her daughter from the Ya'an earthquake in Southwest China's Sichuan province on April 20, five years after she lost her son in the deadly Wenchuan earthquake.

 "God treats me too harsh, it is too harsh," she said.

Lu's 17-year-old daughter Yue Yushan died when the family's home collapsed during the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Ya'an, Yangtze Evening News reported. Yue is an “understanding and clever girl”, said the 50-year-old mother. She would have taken the national college enrollment exam next year and dreamed of becoming an English teacher.

But her dreams ended the moment the ground began shaking. Feeling the earthquake, the mother shouted loudly while working outdoors. Her daughter-in-law jumped from the second floor and was sent to hospital immediately. But her daughter never appeared. In seconds, the second floor collapsed.

Several hours later, rescuers found Yue's body in the remains. Just like her elder brother, she had stopped breathing. She had a calm expression on her face, said her mother.

Lu's son Lu Linxu died from a traffic accident. While riding a motorcycle home, he was thrown off due to an aftershock from the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. The newly-married man died, leaving a two-month-old daughter.