Trending news across China

Updated: 2013-08-19 10:05


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From the price of returning to school, to the grueling cost of training to be a female bodyguard. A former member of the boy band B2K is fighting for life in China, while monkeys at one zoo have been given "the pill" after a little too much monkey business - it's all trending across China.

New year, deep pockets

Parents of newly enrolled freshmen at Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University have been recommended to give their children an average of 600 yuan ($98) each month for daily living. The "guide price" led to a heated discussion online with some parents complaining they spent more than 20,000 yuan for their child's first college semester.

Raz-B in coma

Former B2K band member Raz-B is reportedly in a coma on life support in a hospital in East China's Zhejiang province. The 28-year-old was supposedly hit in the face with a wine bottle after a fight broke out at a nightclub while he was performing., Yangtze Evening News reported.

Trending news across China

Girl Power

Photos of female bodyguards going through grueling training have gone viral on the Internet too. The 13-day training program includes combat on land or water and safe driving, China News Service reported.

Japan drones

Japan will deploy high-altitude US reconnaissance drones two years ahead of its 2016 schedule. The aircraft could collect telecommunication signals from neighboring countries, reported.

Monkey business

Monkeys were given pregnancy-prevention medicine in Lushan, a mountainous scenery spot in East China's Jiangxi province because they were going at it, well, like monkeys: Too rapidly and causing chaos in their enclosure, Information Daily reported.

Trending news across China

Family duty

Proud parents stand together with their soldier son for hours when he was on duty to maintain order at a beer carnival in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province. Soldier Wang Chao left his hometown in Henan province and had not seen his parents again since joining the army three years ago, Nandao Evening News reported.

Trending news across China

White Dragon King passes

The death of 76-year-old Chow Yam-nam, known as Thailand's White Dragon King, was trending online as the master was used by lots of celebrities including Andy Lau and late Anita Mui who deemed him a legend.

Puppy Love

About 54 percent of parents surveyed in Shanghai do not oppose their high-school children falling in love, and 14 percent even hoped the children could bring their beloved home, the Shanghai Morning Post reported.

Quarrel contract

A young couple in Wuhan, Hubei province have signed a "quarrel contract" to stop them repeatedly arguing, Wuhan Evening News reported. The contract has such rules as never threatening divorce, never smashing things more expensive than 10 yuan, and never quarreling in front of the kids, the Wuhan Evening News reported.

Trending news across China