Teachers' Day lifts flower business in Chengdu

Updated: 2013-09-12 15:55

By Huang Zhiling (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Parents in Chengdu did not give any cash or coupon gifts to teachers on Tuesday, Teachers' Day.

That was because many schools put up a notice near their gates banning gifts, according to the Chengdu-based West China Metropolis Daily.

Wang Minhua, a city resident, used to have a dilemma before Teachers' Day.

"If I did not send coupons wrapped in greeting cards, I was afraid teachers would think poorly of us because other parents sent gifts. If I did send gifts, I was afraid my daughter knew I resorted to malpractice," he said.

Thanks to the notice, Wang breathed a sigh of relief this year. Instead of coupons, his daughter took a pot of home-grown flowers and a greeting card to her teacher.

Because of the change, the city's flower market reported a threefold rise in sales but prices remained much the same, according to the West China Metropolis Daily.

Wu Yi, a manager of a flower shop, said carnations were going for 2 or 3 yuan (32 to 49 US cents) while two lilies were selling for 10 yuan.

Teachers welcomed the change because it promoted a feel-good factor, the newspaper reported.