Rare look in Shaolin temple

Updated: 2013-10-09 15:33


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Rare look in Shaolin temple

An overseas fan practices Shaolin kung fu at Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan province, Sept 7, 2013. Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Central China's Henan province, offered a rare look to the public as it has received a lot of press attention since becoming a famous landmark after the 1982 movie Shaolin Temple. Normally, Shaolin Temple's practice space and living quarters are not open to visitors, so most travel agencies in the country only allow visitors to learn martial arts outside the temple. News that the temple was named one of the worst tourist traps in China went viral on the Internet during the National Day holiday, when it was reported the temple charges 6,000 yuan($980) to burn one incense stick in front of the Buddha. The news pushed the temple to the forefront. The tourism bureau in Dengfeng has denied the claim. [Photo/CFP]

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