China FM defends Middle East oil imports

Updated: 2013-10-16 19:17


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BEIJING -- The Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman on Wednesday denied that China's increasing crude oil imports from the Middle East were against any third-party interests.

Speaking at the ministry's daily media briefing, in response to a question on the matter, Hua Chunying said the energy cooperation between China and the Middle East is transparent and mutually beneficial, which is in the interests of both sides and isn't against any third-party interests.

As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, China has always played a positive and constructive role in the peace, security, development and prosperity of the Middle East, Hua said.

According to the spokeswoman, it is clear to all that China has made tremendous efforts in supporting countries in the region to explore development paths in line with their own national conditions and improving their peoples' livelihood.

Promoting peace and development in the Middle East contributes to the safety of global energy supply and is in the common interests of all parties, Hua noted, vowing that China will make unremitting efforts in this regard.