Guideline to help bring more fair judgments

Updated: 2013-11-21 11:01

By Cao Yin (

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China's top court issued a guideline Thursday on how to better prevent unjust, fake and wrongful decisions.

The guideline aims to better protect citizens' rights and help guarantee that judgments are announced independently, according to the Supreme People's Court, adding that every verdict must be handed down in line with evidence.

Lu Guanglun, deputy presiding judge at No 3 Criminal Department, said no court can give judgments if evidence in a case is found to be insufficient.

He also said that judges cannot give verdicts under pressure from local governments or public opinions.

Evidence obtained through torture or other illegal means, including getting information by freezing, burning or starving defendants, must be wiped out, the guideline said.

"It means obtaining the evidence using these methods will not be accepted by Chinese courts," Lu said.