Chengguan suspended for work hour shoeshine

Updated: 2014-02-19 17:32

By Fan Feifei (

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A chengguan, or urban patrol officer, in Nanchong, Sichuan province, has been suspended from duty without pay for two months after photos of him having his shoes polished during work hours were posted online and aroused criticism, China National Radio reported on Wednesday.

In the photos taken by a local netizen during work hours on Feb 14, Wen Qiang, the officer, was sitting in a chengguan vehicle that was parked on a street. A man was shining Wen's shoes, as Wen sat in the front passenger's seat.

The photos aroused wide criticism for damaging the image of public employees.

Wen wrote a letter to apologize for his error and expressing his regret. He said he was acquainted with the shoeshine man and often took care of his business. Wen explained that he came across the shoeshine man that day and there was no chair, so he sat in the chengguan vehicle to receive the service.

"It was a stupid mistake and I really should not let others polish my shoes during office hours. I forgot the occasion," Wen said.