Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Updated: 2014-04-06 14:20


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Low salaries and limited opportunities forcing many public servants to look for jobs elsewhere, photo that reveals Deng Yaping crying on TV goes viral, and a man claims he hates Taiwan because it is so good.

Operator confirms welcome message

China Mobile confirmed that the "Welcome to China!" text message received by some foreign journalists as they toured the Ren'ai Reef in the South China Sea on March 29 came from the company's network. China Mobile has built 14 signal stations and a backup station on the Xisha and Nansha islands, and plans to build more on the Nansha islands, the company said on Saturday.

Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Bizarre reason to hate Taiwan

"I hate Taiwan because the food is so good here that I can't stop eating and gaining weight," a German man said in a post that has attracted tens of thousands of online users. Identified as Johnny, he also blamed Taiwan's natural beauty and people's hospitality for stopping him from going home, in the compliment post disguised as complaint. The message was aimed at playing down security concerns among tourists after a spate of students protests against a cross-Straits service trade pact, Taiwan-based TVBS reports.

Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Slave labor list published

China on Saturday released a list of the names of 34,282 laborers forced to work in Japan from April 1943 to May 1945. The laborers were farmed out to 35 Japanese companies during World War II, and around 20 percent of them died as a result of the forced labor, according to the Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, which released the list.

Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Photos showing Deng Yaping crying go viral

A group of Deng Yaping's photos in one of which she is crying on a TV program is circulating widely online, Wuhan Morning Daily reported.

Some Internet users claim she was sad because of business failure, while the program - Chinese Dream Show - says Deng was moved by a cancer victim featured on the show.

Deng was once CEO of Jike Search, which merged with Panguso in March 2014.

Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Sanya halts small apartments

Sanya, a southernmost city that sees lots of tourists, is planning to halt construction of apartments measuring less than 80 square meters in a move that will likely make it even harder to find affordable housing in the already expensive city. The coastal city in Hainan provine has been enjoying a boom in tourist numbers in recent years and that has boosted demand for villas and mansions, CCTV News reports.

While confirming the report, urban planning authorities said the plan was only under consideration. Small apartments have been in high demand among buyers outside the province, causing overpopulation and scramble for infrastructure in the city, said authorities in response to complaints from local residents that they will not be able to afford housing.

Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Public servants join job-hopping group

Compared to the thousands vying for a hot spot in the public servant system in recent years, some public servants are secretly joining the job-hopping group, reported.

These job hoppers mainly include two kinds: some are not satisfied with the low salary and want to take a risk in career while others see little chance of promotion and want to find a way out.

Trending: Deng's crying photos go viral

Official investigated over woman's death

Police in Sanming are investigating a district head after an incident in which a female teacher died. The 50-year-old woman, surnamed Wang, arrived at the office of Liu Zhenxing, head of the Meilie district, on Thursday afternoon. She had earlier told the city's disciplinary watchdog that she had been in a relationship with Liu for 10 years, and also reported a number of "economic problems", according to local media reports. Wang fell from Liu's 12th-floor office some hours after arriving. Liu has been suspended from his position.