China calls for concerted efforts to seek peace in Middle East

Updated: 2014-09-28 05:54


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UNITED NATIONS - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Saturday that a concerted international effort is needed to stop fighting and gain peace in the Middle East.

He made the remarks while speaking at the annual high-level debate of the UN General Assembly, which entered its fourth day here Saturday.

Noting that the Syrian crisis has continued for nearly four years, Wang said "China urges all parties in Syria to immediately stop fighting and violence, cooperate fully with the humanitarian assistance operations of the United Nations, and promptly put an end to the sufferings of the innocent civilians."

"It is negotiation, not fighting, that offers solution," the minister stressed.

"We urge all parties in Syria to act in the overall interests of the future and destiny of their country and of their people, demonstrate political will, actively support the mediation efforts of the Secretary-General and his special envoy, and follow a middle way that draws on workable practices of other countries and regions, suits Syria's national conditions and accommodates the interests of various parties, so as to give peace an opportunity," he added.

Commenting on the issue of Palestine, a wound on human conscience, Wang said China calls on Israel and Palestine to sustain a durable cease-fire.

"We hope that Israel and Palestine will stick to the strategic choice of peace talks and promptly resume and advance peace talks, " he said.

Advancing peace in the Middle East calls for concerted efforts, not efforts of just one or a few countries, the minister noted, adding "The Security Council should play its due role."