Chinese government appoints, removes officials

Updated: 2014-11-05 13:19


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BEIJING -- Several appointments and removals of government officials were announced by the State Council, China's Cabinet, on Wednesday.

Meng Qingfeng, Liu Yuejin, and Wang Jian were named assistant ministers of public security. Wu Yanhua was appointed deputy chief of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

Li Zhaoqian was appointed deputy director of State Administration of Work Safety, replacing Fu Jianhua. Li Jinzao was appointed head of China National Tourism Administration, replacing Shao Qiwei, with Li no longer serving as the deputy chief of Ministry of Commerce.

Xu Ningsheng was named president of Shanghai's Fudan University, replacing Yang Yuliang, while Xu will no longer serve as the president of Sun Yat-Sen University.

Wang Zhifa will no longer serve as the deputy director of China National Tourism Administration.

Huang Xiaowei was discharged from the post as vice minister of the Ministry of Supervision, and Xu Ke will no longer be deputy chief of National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Han Jun will no longer serve as deputy director of Development Research Center of the State Council, Liu Shiyu will no longer serve as vice president of the People's Bank of China, and He Jiacheng will no longer be deputy director of Chinese Academy of Governance.