Robot ice cream salesman a novelty in Shenyang

Updated: 2015-01-05 11:26


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In today's trending news, you will know travelers find train without railcars, thief blows up ATM, pig turns out to be too big for butcher, robot sells ice cream, and toddler miraculously survives accident.

Robot ice cream salesman a novelty in Shenyang

One of the passengers posted a picture of her ticket online. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

Passengers find railcars missing

Since the launch of real-name verification system, rail passengers have been encouraged to book tickets online. However, several of them were recently told that the cars shown on the tickets they had purchased on the Internet did not exist, reported the Beijing News.

A traveler said the staff even claimed that they had bought the tickets from scalpers, commonly known as huangniu in China. After inquiry and verification, they were transferred to other coaches of the train.

Officials admitted that although rare, sometimes it does happen when cars are temporarily taken out of service due to maintenance or some other reason. Passengers who buy tickets months in advance are more likely to face this confusion, said the officials, adding that enough seats will be reserved in other coaches for these travelers.

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