Civil servants, couriers find dating most difficult

Updated: 2015-10-29 17:14


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Civil servants, couriers find dating most difficult

The instructor helps arrange the scarf of a stewardess during training held in Chengdu Railway Bureau's Chongqing passenger traffic section, in Chongqing, Oct 9, 2015. [Photo by Su Zhigang/]

Entertainment circle makes the insiders not that easy to date, while programmers are well known for high wages, little spare time.

Immigrant workers' low social status and wages, chefs' hectic schedule in the kitchen make the two groups harder to interact with people outside their own circle.

Reporters and editors are busy looking for breaking news or important events, which leave them less time to find their life partners.

Painters and calligraphers tend to work alone in their studios, which leaves them little time to find a partner.

Doctors and nurses are not only tied up with patients, but also have to face the complaints from the patients' families. No wonder they are more likely to be single.



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