Sudan, China pledge to strenghten ties

2011-08-09 13:59:09

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir met Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Monday and they expressed will to cement bilateral ties.

Chinese, Sudanese FMs vow to bolster ties

2011-08-09 10:06:16

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi held talks with his Sudanese counterpart Ali Ahmed Karti on Tuesday in Khartoum to discuss bilateral relations.

China-aided hospital handed over to Zambia

2011-08-09 10:00:24

Lusaka General Hospital, aided by the Chinese government, was completed and on Monday handed over to Zambia.

China willing to enhance Russia military ties

2011-08-08 09:18:56

Chen Bingde, chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China, stressed on Sunday that China is willing to further promote military cooperation with neighboring Russia.

China, US vow to step up audit oversight co-op

2011-08-09 09:57:49

Officials from China and United States have pledged to increase cooperation on cross-border audit oversight.

Sri Lankan president leaves for China visit

2011-08-09 09:15:50

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has left for China Monday night on a state visit where he will have talks with Chinese leaders, an official from the president's office said.

China's Defense Ministry releases iPhone application

2011-08-09 06:53:36

The application allows users to track what the PLA is doing in another effort to promote transparency

China's FM to discuss developing ties with Poland

2011-08-05 20:42:52

China's foreign minister is meeting Poland's leaders to discuss developing economic ties and world security issues.

Obstacles remain in cementing China-Japan ties

2011-08-06 07:52:55

BEIJING - Though hundreds of kilometers apart, Tanjiaqiao Township and Fangzheng County have both slipped into controversy after netizens shamed residents of both regions for kowtowing to money and forgetting the humiliation China suffered during Japan's invasion of China in the 1930s and 1940s.

Chinese FM meets Albanian parliament speaker

2011-08-05 08:56:49

The traditional friendship between China and Albania should serve as a foundation for further development of their cooperation, two senior officials of the countries agreed on Thursday.

China to give $14m in aid to Africa

2011-08-05 07:57:44

China will provide about $14 million in humanitarian assistance to drought affected areas in the Horn of Africa, including more than $7 million to Ethiopia.

Japan under fire for 'China threat theory'

2011-08-05 07:05:59

China has expressed its "strong opposition" to Japan's latest defense white paper, saying it has ulterior motives to play up a "China threat theory".