Chinese paper condemns Libya air strikes

2011-03-21 15:18:38

Chinese official newspaper People's Daily on Monday stepped up opposition to Western air attacks on Libya, accusing the US and its allies of breaking int'l rules and courting new turmoil in Mideast.
Libya vows 'long war' after allies strike
Libyan govt distributes weapons Anarchy feared

China regrets over military action

2011-03-21 07:50:53

The Foreign Ministry on Sunday expressed regret over the multinational military strike against Libya, saying that it did not agree with resorting to force in international relations.

China ends evacuation of citizens from Japan quake-hit areas

2011-03-20 21:11:12

Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it has basically completed the work of assisting Chinese citizens to leave Japanese areas hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

China to give maximum support to quake relief: FM

2011-03-20 08:18:53

Chinese FM Yang Jiechi said on Saturday that China will extend maximum support to cooperate with Japan in the relief operations and reconstruction work.
Live Report March 20 -- Quake aftermath

Hu visits Japanese embassy to convey condolences

2011-03-18 17:13:25

Chinese President Hu Jintao paid a visit to the Japanese embassy in Beijing Friday afternoon to convey a message of condolences for the victims of last Friday's massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan.

Packed agenda of meetings lies ahead for China, EU

2011-03-18 08:06:41

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will visit China in the middle of this year to further strengthen the partnership between Beijing and Brussels.

China sends 10 tons of drinking water to Japan

2011-03-17 18:58:34

China delivered ten tonnes of bottled drinking water to Japan's earthquake-hit areas on Thursday in the country's latest round of relief donations sent to assist Japan's rescue and recovery efforts.

Students move to donate to quake-hit Japan

2011-03-16 22:54:25

Two donation boxes were set up in front of canteens in Beijing's Tsinghua University, one of the top universities in China, to collect money for earthquake victims.

Chinese rescuers strive to find Japan survivors

2011-03-16 21:11:02

Heavy snow blanketed Japan's devastated northeast on Wednesday, hindering rescue workers and adding to the woes of the few, mainly elderly, residents who remained in the area worst hit by last week's massive earthquake and tsunami.

China donates more money to Japan

2011-03-16 20:39:11

An eastern Chinese city followed the lead of other local Chinese governments by donating money to earthquake-hit areas in Japan on Wednesday, while support from the public is also being mobilized.

China offers fuel to Japan

2011-03-16 19:59:24

The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it has decided to provide 20,000 tons of fuel as emergency assistance to Japan after a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami hit the country Friday.

Chinese rescue team continues work in Japan

2011-03-16 16:34:30

Chinese rescue workers continue searching for survivors in Oofunato, Iwate, Japan, on March 16, 2011.