China, Russia discuss military cooperation

2011-08-05 06:15:21

The chief of the Chinese army's General Staff Chen Bingde discussed military cooperation with Russian Defense Minister Anatoli Serdyukov on Thursday.

Chinese FM meets Albanian parliament speaker

2011-08-05 08:56:49

The traditional friendship between China and Albania should serve as a foundation for further development of their cooperation, two senior officials of the countries agreed on Thursday.

Japan under fire for 'China threat theory'

2011-08-05 07:05:59

Japan has ulterior motives to play up a "China threat theory," the defense ministry said.

China, Albania vow to deepen bilateral ties

2011-08-04 13:57:39

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and his Albanian counterpart Edmond Haxhinasto vowed on Wednesday to further expend and deepen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Chinese military chief leaves for three-nation trip

2011-08-03 17:15:06

Chen Bingde, chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China, left here Wednesday for an official good-will visit to Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

Cheers for birthday of the army

2011-08-01 07:39:49

Defense Minister Liang Guanglie proposes a toast on Sunday during a grand banquet in Beijing celebrating the 84th anniversary on Monday of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.

China to continue military reform

2011-08-01 08:17:53

China will steadily reform national defense and the army and constantly modernize the military forces, said China's Minister of National Defense.

US urged to end arms sales to Taiwan 

2011-07-28 07:47:54

The Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday urged the United States to abide by the three Sino-US joint communiques and end arms sales to Taiwan to avoid harming bilateral military ties.

China refutes Philippine's air threat allegation

2011-07-28 07:44:04

The Ministry of National Defense categorically denied on Wednesday that a Chinese fighter plane scared away Filipino fishermen in waters near the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea.

US Senate confirms Gary Locke as ambassador to China

2011-07-27 23:59:38

The US Senate confirmed former Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as ambassador to China, making him the first Chinese-American ever to take the post.

Carrier set for maiden voyage

2011-07-28 06:58:13

China is refitting an obsolete aircraft carrier bought from Ukraine for research and training purposes.
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Highlights of Defense Ministry conference

2011-07-27 15:36:26

The development of an aircraft carrier does not signal that China will change its defensive defense policy.