China-US Ping Pong Diplomacy celebrated in US

2011-07-07 06:37:59

A reception was held Tuesday to mark the 40th anniversary of ping-pong Diplomacy, which led to the formal establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations.

China urges peaceful transition in Afghanistan

2011-07-07 06:15:56

China Wednesday called on the parties concerned to ensure "peaceful, stable transition" in the transfer of security responsibilities in Afghanistan.

Chinese diplomat visits Libyan opposition base

2011-07-07 06:10:31

A senior Chinese diplomat in charge of the North African affairs visited the Libyan opposition bastion of Benghazi Wednesday.

Xi calls for talks with European parties

2011-07-06 16:26:17

A top official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has called for European political parties to conduct regular communication with the CPC in order to promote China-Europe relations.

China will follow up WTO's raw material ruling

2011-07-06 13:42:05

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) reiterated on Wednesday that it is evaluating a panel report of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and will "properly follow up" according to WTO procedure.

Indonesia gets taste of Chinese culture

2011-07-06 08:06:30

Chinese art, dance, movies and music are expected to charm Indonesians in an event called "Experience China", which kicked off on Tuesday in the capital of the Southeast Asian nation.

July key for talks on S. China Sea

2011-07-06 08:04:30

With disputes in the South China Sea flaring up in recent weeks, July may be a critical month for discussions on the issue.

Chinese vice-premier to visit DPRK in mid July

2011-07-05 20:47:58

Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang will pay a four-day visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in mid July, Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.

China calls for just probe of Hariri's assassination

2011-07-05 20:47:22

A foreign ministry spokesman on Tuesday called for an objective and just investigation of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination.

China congratulates Thailand smooth election

2011-07-05 19:16:14

China on Tuesday congratulated Thailand on its efficient election on July 3 in which the Pheu Thai Party gained a majority in the House of Representatives.

Brazzaville to kick off China culture week

2011-07-05 17:21:15

Through the initiative of Republic of Congo's Communication Minister Bienvenu Okiemy, a Chinese cultural week will be marked in the country between July 11-15.

Chinese Vice-Premier to visit DPRK in mid July

2011-07-05 17:00:27

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang will pay a four-day visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in mid July, foreign ministry announced on Tuesday.