China's gaokao writing questions for 2014

Updated: 2014-06-09 16:55


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China's <EM>gaokao</EM> writing questions for 2014

Culture insider: China's ancient gaokao system 

China's <EM>gaokao</EM> writing questions for 2014

College entrance exams around the world 
The Beijing exam: The manners of Beijing.

Please write an article about the manners of Beijing, for example, the manners one should behave when visiting another person's home.

Tianjin exam: If a smart chip were put into human brain.

Suppose one day a smart chip could be placed inside a human brain. Even an old lady could know everything between the sky and the sea. No one will need to learn anything anymore. Please write your opinion of this.

The Shanghai exam: Freedom and non-freedom.

You can choose your own road and how to travel on it through a desert, so you are free. However, you must go through the desert and so you are not free.

The Anhui exam: Who decides the amendment of a script?

An actor/actress says he/she is not the one reading a script and can change their lines. A screenwriter says he/she creates the script and cannot be changed by others. Please write an essay using any angle according to this material.

The Liaoning exam: The changes of life.

A grandfather and a grandson look out of a window in the evening. Lights twinkle here and there, and look like a rainbow. The little boy says, "How beautiful it is; without electricity, modern technology or high buildings, there would not be such beautiful sights." The grandpfather waved the head, fell into reflection, and said, "It's a pity the sky with studded stars can not be seen anymore. The ancient people who had bonfires beside the mountain cave, watched the moon and the stars, and could enjoy a more beautiful sight." Please write an article using any angle.

The Fujian exam: Empty valley.

"When mentioning an empty valley, some people think of cliffs and others think of plank bridges." Please write an article no fewer than 800 words according to this sentence.


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