Visitors enter magic world of movies in Zhejiang

Updated: 2014-06-09 16:54

By Xu Lin (

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Visitors enter magic world of movies in Zhejiang

A vendor on the street.[Photo by Xu Lin/]

Xiangshan Movie and Television City in Xiangshan county, Zhejiang province, is a big draw for diehard fans of Chinese martial arts films and TVs. They can watch filming, visit the sets and meet their favorite stars. It takes about 50 minutes by car from Ningbo and three hours from Hangzhou to get to the county.

Last year, the studio attracted 1 million visitors, an increase of 99 percent compared with 2012. “There are more than 120 such studios in China, but fewer than 10 are still running. We are the fastest-growing one,” said Chen Jianyu, director of Ningbo Industrial Zone Management Committee of Film Culture.

The committee is in charge of the studio’s planning, investment, promotion and management. It feels like you have time traveled back hundreds of years when you stroll down a street decorated with traditional architecture. Vendors in ancient costumes hawk goods such as meat and vegetables. But if you look carefully, you will find they are merely lifelike props. You also can enjoy yourself in a small special effects studio.

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