Sample Caribbean and Latin American culture close to home

Updated: 2016-05-10 08:40

By Deng Zhangyu(China Daily)

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An installation showing a suspended cow next to Piaguaje's paintings draws plenty of visitors keen on taking pictures. It's a work by Uruguayan artists Fernando Foglino and Valentina Cardellino.

The white and black "suspended cow" comprises up to 3,000 small-size cows. Some of the tiny cows which make up the piece are made using plastic while some are of metal. A video shows the process of how the installation was created.

"My country exports cows and beef to China and then we use the money earned to buy goods made in China, such as cars, cellphones and toys," says Foglino speaking of his inspiration behind the cow installation.

Their current visit marks the artist couple's first visit to China. And their knowledge of China is limited mainly to the mountain in Zhangjiajie in Central China's Hunan province, which was featured in the Hollywood movie Avatar.

The couple were excited about their impending journey to see the mountain after the show's opening ceremony on Thursday.

Half of the 24 artists taking part in the magic and reality of contemporary art section will be invited to visit art studios and address artists in Hunan.

In the segment inheritance and development of culture, there are plenty of photos that record people's daily lives, traditions and the natural beauty of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Handicrafts such as bows and arrows and panpipes are also on display.

The exhibition is part of the yearlong celebrations to mark China's cultural exchanges with Latin America and the Caribbean.

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