Beneath the facade

Updated: 2016-07-16 02:40

By ZHANG KUN in Shanghai(China Daily USA)

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“As a photographer, it is important to win the trust of your subject and convince them that you are doing something good together, and not something they will regret. It is only then will the subject be able to give you something you can capture,” said Lacombe.

Even famous actors such as Meryl Streep can be very shy when they’re in front of the camera in a studio, said Lacombe, who admittedly doesn’t like to be photographed as well.

“Actors have to be preoccupied with themselves more than normal people. They have to take care of their appearances — everything has to do with their body, which is part of their instrument,” said Lacombe.

“When they are on the film set, they become someone else. They also have to do things on demand, like cry during an emotional scene. They have to be very much in control of their body and their emotions. I think that’s why when they are suddenly themselves after the camera stops rolling, they don’t really like being scrutinized by the photographer.”

Lacombe has never been married nor has she any children. She is still actively pursuing photography and is currently covering the election campaign of Hilary Clinton, the US presidential nominee that she would love to vote for but cannot as she is not a US citizen.

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