Weeding it out

Updated: 2016-08-02 07:50

By Lin Qi(China Daily)

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Weeding it out

Inevitability, Li Heng's solo show, displays his latest oil creations, with weeds as the major subject.[Photo provided to China Daily]

"It was the most painful time," Li says.

Seeing Li's paintings created after 2013 on show in Beijing now, one will find that the artist has utilized the varying changes of light in the sky by which the weeds feel even more empowered. The works can look quite gloomy at first, but as one gazes longer, he or she will see the bright light piercing the darkness.

Li's friend Zhao Wen says his works before 2013 brimmed with joy, hope or sorrow, while his works after that year have become "boundless and profound", charged with visual intrigue.

Li says, "I don't feel satisfied with what I do, so I have to go on painting. Who knows when that moment will come for me? It may be the next work, or may take another eight years."

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