Behind the scenes of the stunning G20 Summit night gala

Updated: 2016-09-05 11:07

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Behind the scenes of the stunning G20 Summit night gala

Actors perform at the evening gala for the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, September 4, 2016. [Photo/IC]

Dancing under water

To conduct a symphony concert on a natural lake is unprecedented. Liu Fuyang, the head of the dance troupe was baffled by his most familiar dance, as he had to complete the dance The Butterfly Lovers with his partner 3cm below the water's surface. "Dancing in the water, you will encounter resistance, and the costume will get wet, which creates challenges for the dancer's skills."

Besides, making the make-up and hair style waterproof and sweatproof also posed challenges for stylist Yi Ming. "Considering the whole atmosphere and temperament, the makeup has to be elegant and fresh like Chinese ink and wash", Yi said. To make sure the actors looked their best, Yi Ming used the most adaptable cosmetics after much trial and error.

People from all walks of life praise show

"So beautiful!" Tatina, a reporter from Russia, exclaimed while she was watching the live show on TV. "This is a beautiful city. I have been busy all day long, and watching such a beautiful show makes me relax. Now my work is done, I would like to go to the West Lake for a walk."

"I am moved to tears! I love my country! I love Hangzhou!", Sun Danyuan, an employer from a Hangzhou company said on his Wechat, posting photos of the evening gala.

Guan Xia, director of the China National Symphony Orchestra said after the concert, "The show, after more than a year's preparation, is no longer just a music show, but a cultural calling card for the country. Telling Chinese stories, airing Chinese voices, delivering Chinese emotions, let the world enjoy Oriental charm, feel China's sincerity and wisdom!"


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