Show staged in US city to celebrate China's National Day

Updated: 2013-09-30 13:18


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HOUSTON -- A show featuring Chinese art forms from traditional music to acrobatics was staged here on Saturday to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, which falls on Oct 1.

During the two-hour show, a dozen of accomplished performers from China's southern Zhejiang province and the capital city of Beijing presented singing, dancing, Chinese musical instruments and acrobatic performances at the Cullen Performing Hall of Houston University.

The acrobatic performers stunned the spectators by flipping a huge china jar, and catching it with his neck or the top of the head in a balanced way, all without the help of hands.

The Guinness record-holding Hu La Hoop spinning performed by a slender girl had the audience in awe and disbelief.

Sun Yingying, chief coordinator of the show, told Xinhua that the Chinese community in Houston, home to hundreds of thousands of Chinese, follows closely what happens in the motherland and are proud of China's achievements during the past decades.

"On behalf of the Chinese community in Houston, I want to wish my motherland a happy birthday and a happy holiday for Chinese friends back home," Sun said. "We feel honored and obliged to let more and more Americans know our culture, which is one of the reasons why we stage this show."

In a congratulatory letter to the show organizers, Chinese Consul General in Houston Xu Erwen said that overseas Chinese have made great contributions to China's development and foreign relations and hoped they can strive higher in their continued efforts.


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