Rihanna almost thrown out of nightclub

Updated: 2012-09-03 10:52


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Rihanna almost thrown out of nightclub

Rihanna was almost thrown out of a London club for "jumping on a table".

The 24-year-old singer was partying at The Rose Club in the English capital when she smashed a table by leaping on to it and furious bouncers only allowed her to stay after her friends intervened while Rihanna shouted "Don't you know who I am?".

A source told The Sun newspaper: "They were trying to eject her when her girlfriends starting screaming, 'That's Rihanna, you idiots!'

"Ri was telling the bouncers to get off and there was a scuffle. I don't think they knew it was her.

"Finally, before they got to the exit doors, they realised their mistake and the club manager ordered free drinks for the table. And a new table, of course."

Although she was allowed to stay on at the club, Rihanna left at 4am for another party and those close to her are now worried her partying is getting out of control.

One insider explained: "Her boozy behaviour's raising eyebrows. Everyone likes a drink, but her more than most."