Company Special: PepsiCo launches Bring Happiness Home 2013 campaign

Updated: 2013-01-30 07:42

By Ma Yi (China Daily)

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Company Special: PepsiCo launches Bring Happiness Home 2013 campaign 

Titled Bring Happiness Home 2013, PepsiCo's social welfare campaign this year will benefit thousands of vulnerable groups nationwide through donations from all sectors of society. Provided to China Daily

On Jan 21, 2013, PepsiCo Greater China Region launched a new marketing campaign series titled Bring Happiness Home 2013 in Beijing, with the theme "where there is home, there is happiness", according to the company.

This brand marketing campaign is a follow-up of the blockbuster Chinese New Year initiative in 2012, which turned out to be a huge success.

Building on the recognition of PepsiCo's mega brands, such as Pepsi and Lay's, this year's launch employed a variety of new media resources, including a mini-movie and its theme song titled Amity and Fraternity 2013 composed by the hit show Voice of China as well as a music video clip starring Hunan TV's "Happy Family".

There will also be a motion picture tie-in with Bring Happiness Home, the comedic film released in January 2013 from which the campaign draws its name. It also stars the five members of the "Happy Family".

The focus of the campaign is to promote PepsiCo's promise of performance with purpose through the communication of a strong social message about harmony and the strength of family in an engaging storyline that creatively integrates its four core brands with a tagline of "journey home".

This is in accordance with PepsiCo's powerful brand philosophy of sharing happiness and mutual support.

Meanwhile, PepsiCo is also organizing two public welfare programs - Blue Wish 2013: Bring Warmth Home and Mother Post Parcel. The programs are cosponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Tmall and the China Women's Development Foundation under the All-China Women's Federation. These programs echo this year's theme of the annual campaign - Bring Happiness Home.

Of the 1,000 blue wishes to be sent out during the campaign, 300 will be donated to China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to support financially challenged students and children of migrant workers.

The other 700 wishes will be provided to people in need through both online and offline interactive campaigns that encourage more people to join the charitable cause.

The China Women's Development Foundation charity program, Mother Post Parcel, is designed to help women in China's poverty-stricken regions. The parcel includes first aid, lavatory kits, warm clothes and sanitation pamphlets. PepsiCo has donated more than 2,000 parcels as New Year's gifts to those mothers.

In recognition of PepsiCo's efforts to promote the development of a harmonious community, the China Association of Social Workers under the Ministry of Civil Affairs presented the Public Charity Innovation Award to PepsiCo Greater China Region at the launch ceremony of Bring Happiness Home 2013.

"As a long-time partner with PepsiCo, we highly appreciate the efforts the company has made in terms of social welfare, and its initiative in promoting the idea of ' where there is love, there is home' among young people," said Qin Guoying, secretary-general of the China Women's Development Foundation.

In the past week, the campaign received attention from all sectors of society, especially from the young people, raising PepsiCo's profile as a responsible corporate citizen.

(China Daily 01/30/2013 page16)