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Updated: 2013-03-12 07:49

(China Daily)

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Photo: Women in Xunpu village, Fujian province, don colorful costumes and place fresh flowers in their hair for a festival on the 29th day of the first lunar month to pray for happiness and safety for those who make a living from the sea. At the festival, which fell on Sunday this year, villagers burned incense in honor of the sea goddess Mazu.

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Video: What policy changes would foreigners like to see if they were able to submit proposals to the annual sessions of the country's top legislative and advisory bodies? Several foreigners living in China raise their proposals and share their knowledge of the two sessions with China Daily.

Hot word: Learn about the financial term "parallel trade" from a report on Hong Kong's new regulation, introduced on March 1, which allows a person leaving the city to carry a maximum of two cans, or 1.8 kg, of infant formula. Hong Kong has cracked down on cross-border parallel trading in infant milk formula to ensure local stores do not run out of stock.

(China Daily 03/12/2013 page2)