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Updated: 2013-03-13 07:14

(China Daily)

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Deputies should work for the people

Deputies to the National People's Congress should take their responsibility as people's representatives more seriously and speak for people's needs and aspirations, says an article in Guangzhou Daily. Excerpts:

At the end of a group discussion on March 8, Liang Wentong, a farmer deputy from Guizhou province persuaded Guizhou's Vice-Governor Meng Qiliang not to compete with him for being the last speaker.

But there is no reason to interpret Liang's attitude toward a high-ranking official as offensive. Liang deserved to be heard, for he had five important proposals such as spending more government funds to improve the condition of village roads, improving power facilities in rural areas and reducing the medical insurance premium for farmers in poor villages.

Besides making suggestions, deputies also have the right and obligation to supervise the government. As Premier Wen Jiabao once said while correcting a deputy, a deputy had the right to not only give advice, but also to ask. So deputies should strive harder to fulfill their true role as people's representatives.

(China Daily 03/13/2013 page10)