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Updated: 2013-03-18 07:52

(China Daily)

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Photo: Visitors enjoy the cherry blossoms at Wuhan University in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Video: Voice & Votes 2013 is coverage of China's annual political meetings - the NPC and CPPCC. China Daily Video is honored to present this series from the legislator's sessions.

Trend: Capital launches "Beijing axis" tourism brand

Slide: ISU World Figure Skating Championships

Bilingual: Japan said it had successfully extracted methane hydrate, known as "fire ice", from its seabed, possibly unlocking many years' worth of gas for the resource-starved country.

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Discussion: Do you agree to prolong the retirement age?

City Life: About 20 elderly retirees called on older people to give up bus seats to younger travelers who they said may be tired after a day's work and probably spend more time traveling.

(China Daily 03/18/2013 page2)