Q+A: Andrey Denisov

Updated: 2013-03-22 07:03

(China Daily)

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On Xi's visit

Russia is grateful for Xi's decision to visit and welcomes the Chinese leader and his delegation.

The importance of ties is the one subject where there is complete national consensus.

On Syria

Both China and Russia demonstrate a readiness to act in a positive way in global affairs. We both call for national dialogue and reconciliation, as well as an end to violence and the use of force in Syria. If other countries acted the same way, there would be less suffering.

On cultural ties

Part of my dream is to improve contact between the people of the two countries. I'm very pleased to see that the Chinese language and Chinese culture are so popular here. But cultural exchanges can never be enough. We need more and more. We have a cultural center in Beijing, and we need more in other places. We need more people speaking each other's language.

On tourism

Border region tourism is important. It is much cheaper and also quite natural. I know Chinese people are interested in visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russian people like visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Hainan. But please don't forget that the two countries have many more places of interests for tourists.

(China Daily 03/22/2013 page2)