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Updated: 2013-03-22 07:05

(China Daily)

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Chinese Dream 中国梦 (zhong guo meng )

The concept of pursuing the "Chinese Dream" has become a highly discussed goal since the 18th Party Congress. The dream was put forward by Xi Jinping, after he was sworn in as the head of the Party. When he visited the "The Road Toward Renewal" exhibition in Beijing along with the other six members of the Political Bureau Standing Committee, Xi emphasized that realizing the nation's great rejuvenation "is the greatest dream in the country's modern history".

At the closing ceremony of the First Session of the 12th National People's Congress on Sunday, Xi expounded the "Chinese Dream" in his first public speech as China's new president: "We must make persistent efforts, press ahead with indomitable will, continue to push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to achieve the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."

Xi emphasized that it is "a dream of the whole nation, as well as of every individual", saying that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and to enjoy a wonderful life.

Everyone has a dream, such as having a decent job, or enjoying better education. The Chinese dream may have various interpretations as it is embodied in the dreams of everyone.

The great rejuvenation of the nation also creates a close bond between the nation and the people. People are pinning high hopes on China's new leaders and their promise that they will realize the "Chinese Dream" for the 1.3 billion people in China.

(China Daily 03/22/2013 page9)