The 'marriage doctor'

Updated: 2013-03-27 07:14

(China Daily)

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Wang Jun, who runs a marriage guidance consultancy in Yancheng city, Jiangsu province, is an experienced marriage counselor, but when people ask about her job, she always replies that she is a "doctor".

"When people come to consult me about their marital problems, I often see myself as a doctor because, in my opinion, a marriage with problems is just like a person who has fallen ill," she said.

"I listen to their problems patiently, uncover the fundamental reasons for the problems, inform them of the hazards they will face if they divorce, and put forward my suggestions. It's similar to the process by which a doctor diagnoses an illness."

Wang has pulled many marriages back from the brink in recent years.

"Every time I've successfully helped a couple to give up the idea of divorce and see them leave hand in hand, the sense of achievement is extremely strong," said the former Yancheng marriage registration office staff member. Although her friends were sad when she quit the job, Wang has never regretted the decision.

"I witnessed too many divorces during my decade at the registration office. I felt so sad when I saw newlyweds arguing, even before the marriage certificates were properly stamped," she said.

"I wanted to help, so I read a lot of books in my spare time and also passed an exam to become a marriage counselor. I've tried to use that knowledge and those methods to help people, but I need to be involved earlier in the process, long before the couple has decided on divorce proceedings."

Wang remembers a couple who arrived to finalize their divorce with their little son in tow. The boy held a balloon and stood beside the desk to see his parents sign the divorce agreement. Those parents were cruel in putting their child through that, she said. The scene prompted her to quit her job and set up the consultancy.

He Na

(China Daily 03/27/2013 page6)