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Updated: 2013-03-27 07:15

(China Daily)

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Dream calls for united effort

The new Chinese leadership has pledged to rely on the strength of the people to realize the Chinese Dream. It has also pledged to listen to the voices of the people and help them build a better life. Since the Chinese Dream is the dream of the people, the well-being, determination and efforts of the people will play the leading role in realizing the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, says an article in People's Daily. Excerpts:

Socialism with Chinese characteristics means eliminating poverty and achieving common prosperity. In line with the strategic thinking that development is of overriding importance, China has for decades adhered to the central task of developing the economy while, at the same time, making great efforts to improve people's livelihood.

The Chinese leadership has been listening to the voices of the people and taking measures to meet their expectations. It will continue to do so because that will help take forward the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The Chinese Dream of national strength and prosperity and people's happiness is the dream of the nation as well as of every member of society, which represents people's quest for fairness and justice.

To guarantee fairness and justice, China has to give all members of society equal access to public services, especially education and healthcare, boost employment, gradually improve the social security system and guarantee that all the people enjoy the right to equal participation in social affairs and the country's development. The Chinese Dream, after all, is the dream of the people, who expect to see an improvement in the livelihood and hope to live a more prosperous life.

In recent years, Chinese people have seen a dramatic rise in their quality of life thanks to the continued growth in the incomes of both urban and rural residents, the establishment of a basic social security system and other measures taken by the government to ensure that people enjoy the right to free compulsory education, employment, and medical and old-age care. Besides, the central government has raised the income tax threshold and local governments have increased the minimum wage level to narrow the widening wealth gap.

The realization of the Chinese Dream rests on the improvement of people's livelihood, which is a task easier said than done considering the country's fundamental realities, such as the large population and the urban-rural imbalance.

To realize the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we need to put in hard work and practice frugality. The government, on its part, has to speed up national development while seeking common progress for all, and unite the strength of individuals into one to achieve common prosperity.

(China Daily 03/27/2013 page9)