Updated: 2013-04-16 08:03

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Officials need to change mindset

Comment on "Let work-style rules stand" (China Daily, April 3)

It's not uncommon to see government officials squandering public money on banquets and other activities. To end this waste, the Party has issued austerity rules for officials.

Though the new rules are welcome, they are not likely to end the misuse of public funds. We need much stricter rules for that.

People who pass the civil service exam have to be taught and trained to be civil servants first, that is, they should be honest, upright and serve the people.

At present, candidates labor to excel in the civil service exam to get comfortable and convenient positions, not to serve the people or be the epitome of honesty and dedication. That's why after qualifying for a certain position, many officials take for granted all the perks, comforts and conveniences that come with it, and ignore the fundamental principles of civil service.

Banning extravagance and minimizing waste is a good thing, but the higher authorities also have to take measures to change civil servants' mindset.

Xu Qianhui, via e-mail

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