Education future

Updated: 2013-04-18 05:31

By Shi Jing in Shanghai (China Daily)

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Education future

FESCO Adecco Win4Youth, a global charity activity, sent its first team to Hezhang county in southwestern Guizhou province in early April to start its first donation troupe of the year.

Hezhang county of Bijie city in Guizhou is poverty stricken. In this remote mountainous area, educational resources are very limited. Local schools lack proper facilities, let alone libraries. It is therefore quite common that children in this county have no books to read.

In the hope of giving a helping hand to these poverty-stricken children, Win4Youth of Adecco collected a total donation of 560,000 yuan ($90,691.59) for the Chinese charity organization Library Project in 2012. The money will be used to help about 40 primary schools in Bijie, mainly to buy desks, chairs, bookshelves and books and to build libraries for them.

After traveling two hours on bumpy mountain roads, the donation team of FESCO Adecco Win4Youth arrived at the Mujia Primary School of Zhijie village in Hezhang county on April 8.

The school is a project under the National Compulsory Education Project in Poor Regions.

The school teachers set aside a classroom especially for the library and filled tables with more than 1,000 books.

Students around were ecstatic to have the new library and could not wait to read the books.

Education future

Wu Wei, director of the marketing department of FESCO Adecco Human Resources Service Shanghai Co Ltd, introduced the Win4Youth activity to the teachers and students on the occasion, saying that the gist of the activity is to bring knowledge to the students and change their future.

The next stop for FESCO Adecco was Muchong Primary School whose facilities are even more worn out than those at Mujia Primary School. Again, the donation team provided 1,000 books for the students.

Most volunteers said that students' eagerness for knowledge moved them. Volunteers hope to provide more assistance to the students in the future, including offering classes to the students.

In the coming months, FESCO Adecco will continue to donate to the Hope primary schools in Guizhou.