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Updated: 2013-05-03 07:09

(China Daily)

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Bilingual news: After a hard day studying international politics at Peking University, Valerie Ang Yi Lin kicks back in a cafe. Ang, 23, a Singaporean of Chinese descent, attended a school for Singaporean Chinese from an early age, which explains her fluent Mandarin. Despite this, she admits hardly knowing anything about China before coming to Peking University. But as China's economy booms, the "motherland" is catching the attention of ethnic Chinese such as Ang, who were raised elsewhere.

Video: In the fifth installment of Walking the Beijing Waterways, D J Clark starts near the international exhibition center where the Bahe River spills out into the northern moats and heads 12 km east out beyond the Fifth Ring Road to where the river meets the second airport expressway. Of all the walks, this one takes him the farthest from the city center and in doing so he passes through urban and rural communities.

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Living abroad: Expats have many reasons to choose to stay in the Middle Kingdom.

Debate: Should there be any measures to ensure that foreigners with criminal records are banned from working in China? Why can't Chinese schools conduct background checks on foreign English teachers?

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