China shows its treasures in Romania

Updated: 2013-05-06 07:14

By Lin Shujuan (China Daily)

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 China shows its treasures in Romania

Museum workers prepare a Buddha statue from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) for the exhibition. Photos Provided to China Daily

 China shows its treasures in Romania

The Terracotta Warriors are placed with mirror reflections to produce an army effect at the show.

Treasures of China, an exhibition of 101 relics representing Chinese history over 5,000 years, has arrived at the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest, Romania.

The exhibition, part of a global tour to promote cultural exchanges between China and the world, will run until Aug 1.

"We hope to offer a glimpse of China's 5,000-year civilization and an enjoyable visiting experience for the Romanian people," says Yao An, deputy director of Arts Exhibition of China, who helped curate the exhibition.

Curators spent more than a year handpicking the exhibits from major museums in Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi province, including the Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum and the Qinshihuang Terracotta Museum, Yao says.

The exhibition features valuable Chinese treasures, such as colorful pottery from the New Stone Age (c. 3300-2200 BC), Terracotta Warriors and horses from the Qinshihuang Terracotta Museum in Xi'an, stone carved Buddha statues from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) when the Silk Road connecting China and Turkey was in use, and glazed plates used by the imperial family during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Curators have also arranged five mirrors to reflect the four Terracotta Warriors, including a general, a kneeling bowman and a horse, to give the impression of a large army.

Cristian Alexandru, political counselor from the Romanian embassy in China, says the exhibition will attract a lot of attention in Romania, especially the Terracotta Army exhibits.

"The exhibition has provided a rare opportunity for the Romanian people to admire Chinese civilization on their doorstep," says the counselor, adding that he may take his children to the museum for the exhibition during his annual vacation to his home country.

This is the first large-scale exhibition of Chinese relics Romania has hosted in nearly three decades. The last exhibition of this kind took place in 1985.

"We hope this exhibition will serve as a fresh beginning for a new round of cultural exchange between the two countries," Yao says.