IP Scene

Updated: 2013-05-15 05:31

(China Daily)

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IP Scene

1. Beijing

Protecting IP online

A forum titled "protect intellectual property to win the era of the Internet" opened on May 9 with industry insiders calling for an online brand protection system that includes trademarks, domain names and website addresses. A number of nationwide campaigns promoting online intellectual property rights were also launched at the forum.


2. Shandong

Counterfeit student books

Five men were recently detained by police and industry and commerce officials in Laizhou city for selling counterfeit books to students in many local primary and middle schools. More than 600 illegal copies were found at their home near a primary school, said officials. Using the guise ofF showing a few genuine books, they sold low-quality publications at prices ranging from 50 yuan ($8) to 60 yuan.

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3. Jiangsu

Campaign against infringement

A province-wide campaign against intellectual property infringement and counterfeit goods began recently that runs until October, said provincial intellectual property office. It will focus on home textiles, ceramics and other traditional industries as well as emerging fields such as alternative energies, new medicines, smart grid electricity delivery, and large export products such as machine parts and electrical equipment.

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4. Zhejiang

'Smart' Jiaojiang Bridge

Jiaojiang Bridge now under construction will be equipped with a patented intelligent monitoring system that recently won the top prize at an international invention exhibition held in Geneva. The system has functions similar to the "black box" used on airplanes, which can record the bridge's operation conditions and monitor ships within a range of 600 meters, according to its developer, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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5. Fujian

300,000 fake books sold

Law enforcement officials in Fuzhou city recently seized 11,000 pirated books at a local bookshop that claimed its stock was "100 percent genuine" in online advertising. The shop mainly sold textbooks and reference books online priced only 10 to 20 percent cheaper than full price, so most buyers believed they were genuine copies. The operation sold some 300,000 books since 2009 that generated an illegal income of more than 2 million yuan, said police. The shop owner surnamed Su was detained.


6. Guangdong

Raid on pirated brands

Last week police and intellectual property authorities in Shenzhen raided an underground operation producing fake-brand clothes and seized more than 7,000 items with counterfeit trademarks including Adidas, Levi's and Evisu that had a potential retail value of more than 4 million yuan. Four suspects were arrested at the site. The city has now investigated more than 1,000 cases involving counterfeiting, involving nearly 30 million yuan.


(China Daily 05/15/2013 page17)